The Circeo National Park is located along the Thyrrenian shores of southern Lazio, at about 100 kilometres south of Rome on the coastal stretch between Anzio and Terracina and is entirely enclosed in the province of Latina (in the precincts of the municipalities of Latina, Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo and Ponza) at a total of about 8.500 hectares. Instituted in 1934, the Circeo National Park was born in order to preserve not just a single species but also a rich whole of biomes with a consequent extreme abundance of species. It is because of its institution, which took place precisely when the entire Pontine region was submitted to a radical operation of integral land drainage and creation of farms, that the complete clearing of the ancient and inhospitable “Selva di Terracina” was avoided: the small proportion saved from cutting came to create, together with the lake of Sabaudia, the costal dunes and the promontory of Circeo, the first configuration of the Park. Various proceedings followed, and the Circeo Park has gradually altered the quantity (with the variation of its boundaries) and the quality (with the institution of Natural Reserves and international recognitions for its enormous natural importance) of its territory, including the coastals lakes of Monaci, Caprolace, Fogliano and the Zannone’s Island.


You can reach the Park by car along the SS 148 Pontina, coming from Rome; from Frosinone, via Priverno, the SP (provincial road) Marittima II and continuing onto the SP Migliara 53; from Anzio and Nettuno, the SP Litoranea; the via Flacca, coming from Formia and Gaeta. Connections by public transport between Rome Laurentina and Sabaudia-San Felice Circeo are guaranteed by the regional coach service company, CO.TRA.L., and by the FS (the State Railways) with the Rome-Naples “via Formia” line, that stops at Priverno-Fossanova railway station from where you can reach Sabaudia with CO.TRA.L. coaches. Zannone Island is accessible only by private means of transport, either from the mainland or from Ponza, which is connected with Anzio, San Felice Circeo, Terracina and Formia by public lines. Entrance to the Park is free: visitors, though, have to comply with the norms of the Park instituting laws and regulations and, also, with regional acts on particular subjects such as off road driving, the protection of minor faunal species, the collection of mushrooms and other produce of the forest, and so forth. Various structures are available to visitors: a visitor’s centre, a faunistic area, a documentation centre, some pic-nic areas and an environment educational centre.


The various ambiences of the Park are easily accessible with numerous public roads and routes that cross farming land (wet-zones and farming areas between the forest and the promontory), footpaths (on the promontory and on the island of Zannone), gravelled cycling and walking signposted paths (in the forest), some of which present illustrated signboards (such as the signposted path at the Park visitor’s centre, the path of Remembrance at Cocuzza and the naturalistic path at Villa Fogliano botanical garden) and equipped accesses (dunes). The Park is also extremely accessible to disabled people.

National Park information: Centro Visitatori PNC 0773511385 – Porta del Parco Sabaudia 0773515046 - Porta del Parco S. Felice Circeo 0773549038. Tourist information is provided by the Pro Loco of Sabaudia (0773515046), San Felice Circeo (0773547770), Latina (0773480672) and Ponza (077180031)

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