A new and fascinating town, Sabaudia is encircled by unaffected natural attractions, breathtaking views and numerous green areas, from which  the term “garden town” derives. Being situated in the heart of the Circeo National Park (instituted in 1934 in order to preserve, in part, the habitat that existed before the reclamation of the area), Sabaudia is a peculiar and singular example of a successful cohabitation of nature and built landscape. By crossing Giovanni XXIII bridge, over Lake Paola, you find yourself on the most characteristic and fragile ambience of the Park: the coastal dunes, 23 kilometres in length and exceptionally rich in vegetation. In spring, it overwhelms your sight with yellow  and rose tones: the astonishing blossoms of selenes, carpobroto, lotus and sea camomile; in summer, it overcomes your senses with the intensity and the vigour of Mediterranean aromas: the resin from pine and junipers trees, myrtles and mastics. Along the dunes, there are four lakes: Sabaudia (or Paola), Caprolace, Monaci and Fogliano. They are characterized by a rich and varied avifauna, that frequents them during the migration periods: ducks, fulcia atra, herons, egretta garzetta, flamingos, white storks, Himantopus himantopus and avocets. With an extension of about 3.300 hectares, the forest dominates the core of the Pontine Plain. Oaks, quercus frainetto, quercus robur and turkey oaks create a unique example of cohabitation of hygrophilous and mesophyte  species; as for the fauna, there are wild boars, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, weasels, deer and hares. Numerous birds live in the forest: turtle doves, cuckoos, hoopoes, owls, screech owls and 3 species of woodpeckers.

Hanging around the forest pools, marsh turtles and water snakes are perpetually hunting red frogs and newts. Finally, Mount Circeo dominates the landscape with its characteristic profile that assumes the features of the enchantress Circe, thus lending mystery  to the Pontine region.

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