A new and fascinating town, Sabaudia is encircled by unaffected natural attractions, breathtaking views and numerous..


Though a young town, Sabaudia offers the possibility of visiting historical sites, and in particular prehistoric..


The most remarkable and astounding aspect of the town of Sabaudia is, most certainly, its architecture..


Sabaudia is situated in the Pontine Region, a vast plain south of Rome, once a marshland..

Documentation Centre “Angiolo Mazzoni”

After a careful conservative restoration, on April 15, 2011, the new Documentation Centre “Angiolo Mazzoni” was..

Church of SS. Annunziata

The church was built during the foundation work of Sabaudia and formally inaugurated on 24 February..

Museum of Sea and Coast

The museum is divided in three halls: one concerning sea biology; the other, itself divided in..

Emilio Greco Museum

The museum was built in 1985, thanks to a donation from the sculptor Emilio Greco.  The..

Sanctuary of S. Maria della Sorresca 

The Sanctuary lies on the shores of Lake Paola, by the Annunziata branch. Built by the..

The Town Hall Tower and the Permanent Art Exhibition of Paintings by Lorenzo Indrimi

The tower is 46 m. (approx. 151 feet) high and you can reach its top by..

The Pontine Islands

The Pontine Islands The Pontine archipelago lies almost in the centre of th Tyrrhenian Sea, in..

Garden of Ninfa

The Garden of Ninfa offers a limited number of public openings each year because of its..