Garden of Ninfa

Garden of Ninfa

The Garden of Ninfa offers a limited number of public openings each year because of its delicate enviromental balance.

Public opening days 2017:

28 May; 2-3-4-18 June; 1-2 July; 5-6-15 August; 2-3 September; 7-8 October, 5 November

Opening hours 2017 on public opening day

May, June: 09.00/12.00 – 14.30/18.00;

July, August, September: 09.00/12.00 – 15.00/18.30;

October, Novembr: 09.00/12.00 – 14.30/16.00.

Book online you entrance ticket to avoid queues:


Individual   € 12,00

Children under 11 (accompanied by an adult)   free

At the discretion of management, a number of guided group visits are authorised each year outside the public opening days. These are an attractive option because the garden is less busy and more visiting time is permitted.